Saturday, November 8, 2014

Diabetes, Chili Beans, and A1C's: Project HOPE in Action

The A1C, or HbA1c, is a common test for diabetes that measures levels of glycated hemoglobin in an individual's blood stream.  When diabetes is not controlled, sugar buildup in up in blood is detected as sugars are glycated, or bound, with hemoglobin.

A chili cook-off in central Virginia might be the last place one would expect to find a group of medical students with handheld A1C machines.  But among the steaming pots of chili - where tasters wore camouflage coats and a guitarist covered hits of The Band and Bob Marley - citizens of Louisa, VA checked their blood sugar.

On Saturday November, 1st, patrons of the Earlyhouse 10th Annual Charity Chili cook-off also checked their blood pressure, discussed healthy food options with a dietician, and checked their kidney function.  It was overcast and windy, a perfect day for chili but also an ideal day for Project HOPE to do what it does best: interact with the local community and promote health through disease screening.